How works?

CAORLEWIFI is the best way to stay connect in Caorle? It’s simple if you know how.
Follow our instructions.

Verify SIGNAL !

Go to our Point and buy a ticket

Put on your wifi connection and seek CAORLEWIFI. Connect, its free! No password required.

Now start your browser and try to load a page. You will be redirect to login page! Check your ticket.

  1. Insert user in USER space
  2. Insert password on PASSWORD space
  3. Press LOGIN
  4. Now you can suft the web! After an autentication message you can go to your favorte website.

Have you activate the CODE? Want to se your CREDIT?

Insert USER and PASSWORD then click on CREDIT!

Whant to buy CREDIT without ticket. Use PAYPAL payment method!

You can charge your use whitout buying a ticket in a shop. Keep in hand your telephone number!

Press on PAYPAL

Follow instructions and insert your telephone number!